Tips for Dealing with Moving Stress, Part 1

So…. You have to Move?

Relocating (more commonly known as moving) can be a great thing. Doors can open for new jobs, new friends, and more great opportunities in your new home and neighborhood. Moving can also be a stressor.

In many life-event based studies on stress, moving is ranked with the same importance and effects as losing a loved one, going through a divorce, dealing with a major illness, and losing a job. In effect, moving can be viewed as the end of one life, and the beginning of another, and that can impact everything in your new situation as you deal with your move.

Thankfully, there are some things you and your family can do to lessen the impact of the stressors associated with moving. Some of these include:

Adopt the right mentality.

Think of all the good things that can happen in your new town. There will be new people to meet, new experiences to encounter, new stores to shop in, and new events to attend. There will be so much to do, it might help to plan ahead, and come up with some things you will want to try in your first few weeks in your new hometown. Which leads us into the next tip….

Research your new area.

Humans are funny creatures. We can claim to love surprises, but in reality, we feel much more comfortable when we are prepared for new situations. So, research is key to feeling at home in your new locale. Google the malls, restaurants, and schools in your new town. Find the local events calendar, and see what fun you can get yourself into when you finish your move. Try to get a feel for your new place before you get there, so you can acclimate faster when you do get there.

Take care of your emotional needs.

If this move was not what you wanted (if you had to move for work, or due to another change in circumstances), then you will most likely feel sad. This is normal.

Let me repeat.

This. Is. Normal.

Remember, we talked about moving ranks up at the top of the stressors list with losing a loved one, or a severe illness? This sadness at having to move could actually be grief. There are only a few ways in which to deal with grief. One of the most effective is experiencing and expressing your feelings, rather than ignoring or denying them. Family and friends are more than likely also experiencing a sense of sadness just like you are; talk with them, and work through the strain together.

Which brings us to….

Rely on your support system!

You might be feeling overwhelmed by now. There are so many things that need to be done before, during, and after your move. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you determine you need it. It may also help your friends and family to wrap up their bundles of feelings about your move to help you complete the jobs that need doing.

Make specific plans to see your friends and family in the future.

It gets hard to make time to visit family and friends in your previous hometown after you move. It may help to plan things out, even months or years down the line. Call it a reunion of sorts, and stick to it, if at all possible. Maintaining ties in this new global culture is more important than at any other time in human history. So, get those get-togethers set in stone before you move! Your emotions will thank you for it!

Plan. Plan. And plan some more.

When moving, you never want to have to do things at the last minute. That’s how new tenants in your former home end up with a closet full of clothes you left behind. Make lists. Assign tasks and outsource to friends and family as much as possible. Things like leaving a forwarding address may only take a few minutes out of an afternoon. Other things like determining what rooms get packed up first and which ones have to wait until the morning of moving day may take a day of planning and discussion before the first box is even labeled. Everyone’s situation is different. Only you know what needs to be done. Just don’t rely on being able to do everything if you wait until the last minute. Your brain will not thank you for that.

Part of the planning process should involve –

How are you going to move all of your possessions?

Do you possess the ability to lift your own furniture, or will you need hired muscle (or bulky friends)? Do you need to rent a truck to move everything? Can everything fit in one truckload?

This is where another option comes in handy.

ModsMove specializes in helping Do-It-Yourselfers complete their move with less stress. By utilizing one of our portable on demand storage units for your move, you can stage your packing slowly. Our portable unit remains at your location, allowing you to put in your moving boxes as you get them ready, and keeping your home from looking like an eternal garage sale. Our portable on demand storage options are ideal for people facing a move in the near future.



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