How to Save Money with Affordable Moving Methods

We know you’ve been meticulously eyeing a certain house in a nearby neighborhood. You like the look of the white picket fence out front, the freshly painted front door, and the second story—it’s all so enticing after living in a smaller home or renting an apartment. When the time finally comes, and you’re packing all […]

Full Service Storage VS Traditional Storage

The storage industry, and particularly the self-storage branch of that industry, has been handled in much the same manner for a very long time. Now much new innovation has hit the market since the idea of paying someone for storage space became popular, Full Service Storage. The industry is a fragmented business; there are some […]

Tips for Dealing with the Stress of Moving, Part 2

Last month, we talked about some moving tips for dealing with the stresses associated with moving. For this post, in particular, we want to focus on the transition stage. This is the days and weeks immediately after you complete your move, and these moving tips are designed to help you integrate into your new environment smoothly […]

Tips for Dealing with Moving Stress, Part 1

So…. You have to Move?   Relocating (more commonly known as moving) can be a great thing. Doors can open for new jobs, new friends, and more great opportunities in your new home and neighborhood. Moving can also be a stressor. In many life-event based studies on stress, moving is ranked with the same importance […]