Tips for Dealing with the Stress of Moving, Part 2

Last month, we talked about some moving tips for dealing with the stresses associated with moving. For this post, in particular, we want to focus on the transition stage. This is the days and weeks immediately after you complete your move, and these moving tips are designed to help you integrate into your new environment smoothly and with as little stress as possible. Everyone’s experience will of course be different, but some things are sure to ease the transition.

These moving tips may also help college students moving into dorms for the start of this school year. Isn’t the timing great?

Introduce yourself to the neighborhood.

Even if this is usually far outside of your comfort zone, it is still a good idea to do your best to make some acquaintances and associates in your new area. When you need help with things down the road, these people can be the first ones you can look to for assistance. So, build a support group in your neighborhood early.

Seek out new experiences in your new community.

Becoming socially integrated into your new area is going to be essential to helping you feel like your new home is really YOUR home. Find out if there are community sports leagues, or even a comic book store, that you can take advantage of for finding a niche in your new home.

Establish new routines.moving tips

Routines, even though they fade into the background of our consciousness after a while, are essential to feeling comfortable in new situations. They provide stability in a world still trying to settle after upheaval of any sort, so it is extraordinarily helpful to establish new routines early after a move. Your commute to work may be longer or shorter than your previous routes, and that may throw off your timing for working out or cooking meals. Try to make time in your schedule for things you love, but leave some flexibility for establishing a new routine that works in your new home.

Think of your move as a beginning, not an ending.

People say only two things in life are sure, and those two things are death and taxes. But that’s not the whole truth. The only constant in life, in any era and area, is change. Things will change, sometimes from day to day. While most people are resistant to change out of pure instinct, the most successful individuals are able to acclimate to changes as they come. They can overcome their resistance to changes in their lives, and move forward with optimism and an attitude that enables success.

If you want to settle into your new life quickly, the ability to adapt to your new life is one of the most effective tools you can possess in your arsenal. New routines, neighbors and friends can only go so far toward easing your transition. As with any change that lasts, it must start within yourself. That means your actions are determined by your attitude as is your chance of success in your new life.


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